This beautiful beach front property has been in the family since the late 70's. Originally constructed for the Pillsbury Doughboy family and soon after purchased by my grandfather as a winter holiday home for him, my grandmother and father. They enjoyed countless winters on the Brac, blissfully escaping the less than desirable Pacific NW winters, not to mention the hustle and bustle of their growing city. Trading in their rain boots for sandals, cars for bicycles, and sirens for bird songs was a yearly winter ritual they could barely wait for.

As time went by, families grew and for decades we enjoyed the natural beauty of the Caribbean's best kept secret. The world advanced to keep up with changing times but this sleepy island remained un-phased by the latest innovations and advances in technology. Multi-billion dollar resorts and bursting at the seam cruise ships never came to our little island, enabling it to stay as pure and authentically itself as the first day my grandfather stumbled upon it.

Busy, busy, busy was the name of the game, full schedules meant that our home away from home went unvisited for months at a time, sometimes even years. One fine day we had an idea that would breathe new life into our holiday home and forever change its destiny. We decided to open the doors to our property and share our little slice of paradise with the rest of the world. And so, the Cayman Brac Beach Villas were born, meant to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy a real life paradise at an affordable price. Our family is committed to ensuring that this Caribbean escape is as blissful, one of a kind and unforgettable for you as it has been for us!


The Cayman Islands are renowned as the birthplace of recreational diving in the Caribbean. Our diving history dates back to the late 1950s. Today, Cayman Brac is among the world's #1 diving destinations.

In these cobalt blue waters, expectations are high. With 100-ft.-plus visibility and amazing marine life, you'll delight in this underwater kingdom. Whether you are looking for shallow or deep wall dives, our little slice of paradise offers divers all the ingredients for the perfect dive experience.

Lucky for visitors, Brac Scuba Shack can assist in setting up diving adventures for everyone from the novice to the professional. So, make sure you dive on into the pristine waters of Cayman Brac.


Once you've arrived and settled in on the Brac, you may want to indulge in the vast range of exciting activities available on our little slice of paradise. If you are looking for things to do on Cayman Brac, there are plenty of options (click link above for detailed info).


The weather on Cayman Brac is extremely pleasant and relatively predictable. The Brac's balmy tropical climate and many temperate days can make it feel like summer lasts all year round. Occasionally weather systems pass through, known locally as Nor'easters or Nor'westers, bringing a brief cold front to the island, but the general climate is sunny, warm and inviting.


Picture perfect beach side weddings!

Having a destination wedding doesn't mean having to compromise. Only an hour south of Miami, the Cayman Islands strike a balance between the remote and the comfortable.

For couples looking to plan an exotic island wedding, Cayman Brac offers something few destinations can match... exquisite untouched natural beauty infused with all the comforts of home. The result is a sort of "barefoot elegance" that promises to make your special day truly remarkable. We specialize in intimate beachfront ceremonies, each uniquely tailored to make your special day all you dreamt it would be. With Sandy Toe Weddings ready to help you with everything from floral arrangements to legal requirements, tying the knot in this corner of the Caribbean couldn't be easier.

Sandy Toe Weddings

is a full service-wedding planning company located on the island of Cayman Brac, sister island to Grand Cayman. We specialize in intimate beach side weddings meant to fulfill all expectations without breaking the bank. Come and say 'I Do' on one of the most beautiful beaches the Caribbean has to offer.


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